Have No Fear; We Are Here to Help


Applying for a mortgage can be intimidating but we are here to help you. Below is a prepared checklist of what you will need to apply for a loan, what you can expect during the application process and what to bring with you to closing.

  1. Pre-approval- minimize effort and save time by strengthening you purchasing power, and knowing what mortgage amount for which you qualify by calling our team.
  2. Begin gathering documentation to bring for loan application.
  3. Find real estate agent.
  4. Find house and negotiate contract terms.
  1. Application – set appointment with Bob to apply for loan and bring all required documentation. (see below)
    Upon application Bob will determine best loan program for you by discussing your short and long term goals and financial situation.
  2. In-House Processing – Processor verifies loan application information gathers documentation for underwriting, while also communication loan status and progress with clients.
  3. In-House Underwriting – Underwriter evaluates loan information for timely final approval.
  4. Appraisal – Appraiser evaluates value of home quickly.
  5. In-House Closing – Closer prepares documents for attorneys and title companies, assuring closing date and time.
  1. Signed sales contract.
  2. Two most recent pay stubs.
  3. W2’s for past 2 years.
  4. Tax returns for past 2 years.
  5. Two most recent bank statements, savings statement, etc.
  6. Personal identification
    a. Driver’s license
    b. Social Security card
  7. Address history for past 2 years.



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